Five tips for traveling with staff

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What happens when you land in a country where your visa is expired? Should employees fly with you in business class? How much time off do they need while working abroad? Traveling is likely to bring unexpected situations, and these tips will help you prevent and solve any potential issues:

  • Make sure that your private service employees’ visas and passports will be valid throughout the trip, for each visited country. Take care of all the paperwork well ahead of time. If you are boarding a private jet, departure may be simplified but you will need all passports and visas upon arrival. Verify that everyone has all their official documents prior to takeoff.
  • Give them a break. If your staff is traveling to a new time zone, they need time to rest (one day off if possible). Allowing them to settle in and recover quickly pays off in the longer term, they will perform better the next day. If a day off is not possible, remember that they can’t work their usual 12-hour shift if they have been flying earlier on in the day. They will however need a shorter recovery time if they travel in business class.
  • Plan schedules and roles. What tasks will you need your staff to accomplish? You may not be traveling with your complete personal service team, but the employees who are with you can’t be available 24 hours per day. You may need extra employees to cover all shifts and let everyone have their regular days off.
  • Each employee’s work contract must specify travel conditions and compensation. If required, revise the initial work agreement and present a new contract to be signed by your employee.
  • Provide all available information. It is in your best interest to give your staff all the details regarding the travel plans: airports, stopovers, private jet crew contact information, hotels, etc. It will help them do their job.

Have your encountered unexpected issues when traveling with your staff? How were they solved?


This article was written in collaboration with Jean-François Deslarzes and John Gilmour.
Jean-François Deslarzes is an Estate Manager in New York City. He has been working in private service for 30 years and is still as passionate as on his first day.
John Gilmour is a butler and personal assistant in Bangkok. He has been working for over 15 years in the luxury and private service industry.