Happy employees make happy employers

Once you have found the staff that you are happy with, you want to keep them forever. Achieving that is simple: they need to be as happy as their employer. If they couldn’t dream of a better place to work, they will stay.

Before recruiting, do the work. If you are hiring private staff for the first time, a specialized agency will be able to manage the complete process, such as creating the job description, interviewing candidates and checking referrals. This will help you find the right fit for you.

Find what is a good salary for the position, and give a higher one. Provide full benefits, such as complete medical insurance, car and gas allowance, rental allowance or comfortable live-in accommodations. Your employees’ job is to take care of you, make sure to take good care of them too.

Do a performance evaluation for all employees once per year. Remember to consider the whole year rather than just reviewing the past few weeks. Then determine the appropriate bonus accordingly to reward your employees.

Finally, you must have realistic expectations. Loyal employees are likely to stay with you for four to ten years. In the past thirty years, I have changed jobs three times. I stayed for eight years with each of my past employers.

Happy employees make happy employers. If you have found the right staff for you, you know how precious they are. No need to spoil them, but it is essential to show your appreciation. Ensuring that your private service employees are enjoying their job is an investment that pays off both immediately and in the long term.


Jean-François Deslarzes is an Estate Manager in New York City. He has been working in private service for 30 years and is still as passionate as on his first day.

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