Reference from Calgary (Alberta) – Butler placement

I have found that my experience working with Elite Domo to be a great one. Nicolas is very professional at all times and takes great pride in his applicants he presents. He has even gone the extra mile when issues arise with any new hires to ensure a suitable posting. I can speak from experience when it is the wrong individual he is prepared to step up and restart the process very quickly. I am only too happy to recommend Elite Domo as a professional hiring agent.Reina LaBossiere
The Carrera Group
Calgary, February 26th, 2013

Reference from Toronto (Ontario) – Various position placements

Elite Domo have been providing our household with staff for the past 18 months and at all times have been consummate professionals. I have never had a negative experience in all of my time dealing with them.

Nicolas Marion has provided us with excellent applicants for all levels of service and has always been able to adjust the requirements as quickly as we can change them.

My first experience with Elite Domo was as an applicant and they made the process as simple as possible and ensured I was informed of all the appropriate information. Now as our staff supplier they give complete profiles, assist in the interviewing process and are willing to give honest advice on an applicant. The information packages they provide and back ground checks they complete are thorough and very detailed.

I can highly recommend Elite Domo for any of your domestic staffing needs.

Nicholas Sconce
Estate Manager
Toronto, 16th February 2013

Reference from Westmount (Québec) – Various position placements

I have used Elite Domo to source various positions here in Montreal over the last 3 years, I have at all times found them to be both attentive to my needs and to have provided top quality candidates while also offering sound advice to assist me in selecting the best person for the post.I have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone who needs the best selection of applicants for the most demanding of tasks, I can also not speak highly enough of Nicolas Marion for his dedication and always positive approach in all matters.

Details withheld due to confidentiality agreement
Westmount, February 15th, 2013

Reference from Westmount (Québec) – Private Chef and Housekeeper placements

I am writing to thank you and your team for achieving what seemed to be impossible; balance and harmony into our estate. I am totally satisfied with the house personnel you have brought to our attention. We are delighted with our new Chef and extremely happy with our new housekeeper, she is professional and reliable. I can finally relax and be certain everything is done to high standards. She is an excellent worker and a joy to be around.
Again Mr. Marion, when the need for another employee on the estate will arise, rest assure that we will call upon you and your agency. Thank you for making my wishes come true.

Details withheld due to confidentiality agreement

Westmount, February 20th, 2013

Reference from Dorval (Québec) – Yacht Chef placement in Fort Lauderdale

Nous avons apprécié travailler avec vous quant à la recherche de cuisinier. Notre demande a été vite considérée et une liste de candidats potentiels nous a rapidement été soumise.
Votre disponibilité et accessibilité ont aussi été très appréciées.Merci encore.

Bombardier Aéronautique
Dorval, 23 avril 2013

Reference from Prévost (Québec) – Housekeeper placement

Nous avons récemment utilisé les services de M. Nicolas Marion par l’entremise de la companie Elite Domo.Ce qui différencie M. Marion, c’est son approche personnalisée logique et méthodique basé sur nos besoins réels. Il maintient un code de déontologie et des normes professionnelles très élevées en assurant par le fait même un niveau supérieur de compétence et de professionnalisme. L’efficacité, le dynamisme, la courtoisie et la flexibilité font parties intégrantes de ces qualités.

Ses valeurs étant basées sur le respect, la confiance et la satisfaction du client ont su nous rejoindre en tout point.

C’est sans hésitation que nous vous le recommandons pour vos besoins.

Patrick B.
Prévost, 16 mai 2012