Executive Personal Assistant

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  • Reference: #N1483
  • Westmount, QC H3Y, Canada
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Executive Personal Assistant

Reference #N1483

Job Location

Westmount, Quebec, Canada

Job Responsibilities of the Executive Personal Assistant


The Executive Personal Assistant (EPA) will provide daily support to the Employer in the areas of contact management, schedule and agenda planning, travel, transportation and accommodation planning, private residences and staffing management, as well as running personal errands and other activities to free up the Employer’s time.

Specific Areas of Focus:

  • Establishing and maintaining appropriate documents management, procedures and administrative systems, including house manuals and employees performance review.
  • Liaising with personal contacts, contractors, staff and the Employer.
  • Provisioning and inventory management of the private residences and aircrafts.
  • Oversee the management of the Employer’s private residences (Montreal and Laurentians) and travel to these locations when necessary.
  • Collating and filing expenses appropriately, separating those related to the businesses from those related to personal expenses.
  • Reminding the Principal of important tasks and deadlines.
  • Acting as a first point of contact: dealing with all correspondence (letters, emails, etc.) and phone calls – screening and prioritizing as appropriate.
  • Managing the calendar and organizing meetings and appointments, and coordinating with the Executive Assistant.
  • Booking and arranging travel, transport and accommodation, including private flights and other forms of transportation and preparation of comprehensive travel itinerary.
  • Miscellaneous tasks to support the Employer as needed and appropriate.

Job Requirements


  • At least five (5) years experience in a similar role.
  • A Degree or Diploma in a relevant program, such as Communications, Business Administration, Administrative Services, etc. is preferred.
  • Experience in booking a wide variety of transportation covering local and global travel.
  • Basic understanding of Finance and Budgeting, with the ability to create simple reports and spreadsheets.


  • Organisational skills and the ability to multitask.
  • Discretion, tact, diplomacy and trustworthiness: The Executive Personal Assistant will often be party to highly personal and confidential information.
  • Flexibility and adaptability.
  • Ability to work on their own, be proactive and take initiative.
  • Ensuring the orderly management of the Employer’s time, and assist with balancing the various personal and social commitments.
  • Solid oral and written communication skills, in both French and English.
  • A knowledge of standard software packages (MS Office Suite) and the ability to learn specific software as required.
  • Must have a current legal working status in Canada.
  • Must have a driver’s license.

Job Salary

Competitive, according to experience.

Job Additional Information

  • 2 weeks paid vacation.
  • Works from the Employer’s home office and other locations to be determined.
  • Work days: Monday to Friday (some flexibility required).
  • Work hours: business hours (some flexibility required).
  • No group insurance plan/benefit provided.
  • House car available for work duties.

Job Starting Date

As soon as possible.

Job Contact Information

Nicolas Marion, Private Staffing Specialist
Phone: 514.312.7019 ext. 223 | Toll-free: 1.866.201.8338
Fax: 514.373.6123
Email: nicolas@elitedomo.com

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* This job description may change without notice.